Arezu Salamzadeh (she/they) is a "queer", "neurodivergent", "mixed-race", Mississauga-based artist who creates objects, performances, music, and spaces for people to interact with and move through. She asks questions about nostalgia, selfhood, power, desire, and loneliness through a language of humor and play. Their work takes shape as performances, socially-engaged interactive work, objects (large-scale sculpture, ceramics, book-making, how-to guides, and more), and spaces (by means of installations, relationships, and hospitality). They received their BFA with Honors from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, in 2016, and their MVS (Master in Visual Studies) with Honors from the University of Toronto in 2022. She has since exhibited at galleries, museums, and unconventional venues throughout Canada, the US, Italy, and the UK. 

Arezu is a notorious road tripper, beer drinker, food lover, romantic, and teller of corny jokes.
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