In high school, I was forced to take up knitting much to my dismay. As protest, I knitted a scarf reading 'FUCK KNITTING'. Pleased with the result years later, more profanity-bearing pieces were born. The humorous, heavy- handed works play on a tension between the soft and feminine and violent speech. All pieces are hand- knit and can be worn if wished. 
Untitled (Fuck Knitting)
Hand- Knit Acrylic Yarn
10" x 36"
November 2011
Untitled (Fuck Off)
Hand- Knit Acrylic Yarn
125” x 35”
January 2014 
Untitled (Cunt)
Hand- Knit Acrylic Yarn, Plastic Knitting Needles
15” x 55”
February 2014
*To be displayed on flat surface or hung from wall at crotch level

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